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How do I set my rental price?

As a host, you are in complete control of the price you charge to your guest. Drive mate provides a recommendation based on the Make, Model and age of your car. 

1. You set a daily price for your car.  This price includes 150 kms mileage (which means that this is inclusive of wear & tear for 150 kms and not fuel. Fuel is always separate). For recommendation on pricing, see here.

2. In case the guest rents for less than 1 day (i.e. for a few hours), the pricing will be the same as daily rate. For reference on hourly pricing, see here.

3. Excess mileage charge to guests - in case guests exceed mileage cap, then they are charged $0.35c/km. 80% of this goes to the host. Remember this is not for fuel but only for wear and tear beyond the permitted mileage. See mileage policy here.

4. Fuel charge - Guests have the responsibility of returning the car at the same fuel level. If they don't then they are charged $2.50/L + $10 service fee; 80% of the refuel cost goes to the host. See fuel policy here