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What is the recommended price for my car?

Hosts on Drive mate are completely in control of the pricing of their car. We do make a recommendation basis the competition in the market and what is likely to generate strong demand for your car. We apply a 25% commission on top of your price, for example if you list a car for $40, the listing price per day is $50.

Here is a list of recommended daily price of your car excluding the commission (daily price on Drive mate is inclusive of 100 km mileage. Fuel is separate).

1. Micro light category (Kia Picanto or similar) - $31 

2. Small - mid category (Toyota Corolla or similar) - $33

3. Mid-Large  (Toyota Camry or similar) - $34

4.Compact SUV (Hyundai Kona or similar) - $39

5. Mid-Sized SUV (Nissan X-Trail or similar) - $41

6. Full-Sized SUV (Toyota Kluger or similar) - $59

7. MPV (Kia Carnival or similar) - $60

8. Van (Toyota Hiace or similar) - $65

9. Ute (Toyota Hilux or similar) - $58

10. Premium Small (BMW 1 Series or similar) - $45

11. Premium Mid (BMW 3 Series or similar) - $50

12. Premium Large (BMW 5 Series or similar) - $70

Update on Hourly rates effective January 25, 2024

Hourly rates: Trips with hourly durations will now be charged at daily rate.

For inclusive mileage, your daily price includes 100 kms. In case of hourly trips, this is the mileage cap that applies.

Up to 4 hrs, 40 kms mileage shall apply. 

after 4 hrs, mileage limit of 60 kms shall apply. 

after 6 hrs, mileage limit of 80 kms shall apply. 

After 8 hrs, daily mileage limit of 100 kms shall apply.