Fuel Policy

It is the responsibility of the guest at check-out to return the car’s fuel tank filled back to the check in levels. It is mandatory for the guests to take pictures of the fuel gauge at check in & check out for non Drive mate Go cars. For Drive mate Go cars, fuel is always paid for by the guest basis the distance travelled. 

For cars with keyless access:

No reporting required from host. Guests are charged $0.29 / km basis the distance travelled (measured via GPS). Host is paid $0.22/ km out of this charge.

 If the guest refuels during the trip, they can upload the picture of the fuel receipt upon drop off. Equivalent amount will then be refunded back to the guest. 

For cars with physical key handover:

Host will need to submit documentation - the pictures of the car’s odometer at pick up and drop off. Hosts can submit the documentation via the online help desk (web/ app) within 1 hr of the trip getting completed. 

If the guest does not bring the car back it's original fuel level, then the guest is charged at $0.40/km for fuel (calculated basis 10 litres for 100 kms). The host receives 80% of this amount.