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What if there is a traffic fine during the trip?

Guests are responsible for all tickets incurred during their trip.

If you notify us that you're going to take care of the ticket, you won't be charged any extra fees. If we receive the ticket from the host, the credit card used for the trip will be charged immediately for the amount of the ticket. You may be charged an administration fee, too.

If you receive a ticket for a moving violation that will assess points on the host's license, the host mat contact us to transfer liability of this ticket to you. We'll notify you if this happens. We'll also provide the ticketing agency with the information they need to conduct the transfer. If the ticket requires notarization, we will be obligated to provide some personal information directly to your host so they can have the ticket notarized and the transfer completed. We will notify you should this happen. Outside of that circumstance we will not provide any of your personal information to your host.