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What if it is a total loss of the car?

The insurance policy covers for a total loss, up to the car's market value. This is valid for trips on Drive mate. 

In the unlikely event that your car is damaged beyond repair in an accident or stolen, you will get an amount equal to what your car is currently worth ‘in the market’ - that is, what it was worth before the loss occurred.

An independent assessor will assess the current market value of the car at the time that it had the accident. If you disagree on the value, you can request a review. Do note that the value of the car can be different to when you first listed it on Drive mate. It depends upon the age of the car at the time of total loss.

Upon total loss, we will remove your car from the platform. You can still choose to rent cars from Drive mate and /or list another car in the future.

For cars that are declared a total loss, there will be no loss of use compensation applicable.