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What are the various subscription options for hosts?

At Drive mate, we strive to make it easy, safe and convenient for hosts to list their car. The host plans are as follows:

1. Just mates plan - Basic plan to get you off and running on a car share experience without monthly fees. Comprehensive insurance is included for all rental trips however, there is no GPS tracking. 

2. Good mates plan - In addition to Just mates, the Good mates plan offers further reassurance with a GPS tracking device for a $10 monthly fee; because good mates always look out for each other. 

3. Best mates plan - For only $30 per month, this plan has got you covered and allows you to sit back, relax and see the earnings come in. With our proprietary in-car technology providing keyless access for guests; you will never have to worry about physically handing over your keys. For your guests, all they need is our iOS/Android app to unlock the car and off they go. 

Not only is this plan best for guests but also the best for you too. With prioritised search results, Best mates listings will appear higher than others, making it easier for guests to find and a higher likelihood of securing a booking. 

As an added bonus, for our Best mates plan you are always covered by our Drive mate Go guarantee program in which we guarantee 2x returns or else we will refund you. Read more about the Drive mate Go Guarantee program here.

4. Best mates plus plan - For $130 a month, this plan has everything that Best mates offers plus it covers you comprehensively for your own trips outside Drive mate through our fleet insurance policy. So you would not need your own insurance for your own personal use as well.