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What are the maintenance checks required?

You are required to ensure that your vehicle complies with all laws and regulations regarding vehicle safety, condition, and operation. If the car is found to be seriously unfit for driving prior to check-in or breaks down during a trip due to lack of maintenance, then the total amount of the rental will be returned to the guest. The host will be charged Drive mate’s transaction fees for the trip and an administrative fee of $25. If roadside is dispatched, then an additional $300 administrative fee will be charged to the host.

We advise that you get a mechanical and safety inspection at least once per year to ensure your car is safe to operate. An inspection will include a check of your car’s most critical safety items, including brakes, steering parts, tires, and lights. Tires must have 4/32 or more, and brakes must have 25% life to be eligible.

It is the responsibility of the guest to report such issues immediately to Drive mate. Any post trip completion issues of such nature will not be reimbursed.

Please have a look at our maintenance policy for further details.