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What are the details of the Insurance Policy?

For the entire period of the trip on Drive mate, the trip is covered by Drive mate Protection (in partnership with Insuret). The host's own insurance and no claim bonus are not impacted. Hosts are always fully protected from any charges arising out of any damages/ accidents.

The following insurance policy outlines the summary and details of this policy from the perspective of guests (users who are renting cars on the platform).

Summary of the insurance policy

  • Comprehensive cover throughout Australia

  • $40 million cover for 3rd party damage

  • Maximum damage liability of $3000 (additional $500 for drivers < 24 years old)

  • Policy applicable only for the approved driver during the period of rental

Coverage under the policy

Loss and damage of up to $40 million is covered under the Drive mate protection policy. The coverage is applicable to the guest if guest is responsible for;

  • Any kind of Vehicle Damage
  • Complete Vehicle Loss due to Theft or Fire
  • Any third party loss
  • Paying for Towing, storage and/or recovery

Note - Mechanical breakdowns are covered under complimentary roadside assistance.

What cannot be covered

The following scenarios will end up excluding guest from the Drive mate coverage.

  • Driving outside the paved surface or off-road
  • Refuelling the car with wrong fuel
  • Using the car for ride-sharing, competitive driving or any courier service
  • Using the car to tow anything
  • Loss due to the car being left unlocked
  • Driving the car through water or on the beach
  • Driving the car in snow, above the snow line
  • Laden the car with more cargo and/or passengers than it was designed to carry
  • Ignoring the warning light/s shown by the car or driving with the knowledge of a possible mechanical fault, or driving despite unsafe conditions
  • Using other devices or being distracted while driving (e.g. smartphone, multimedia in the car)
  • Using the car to jumpstart other car/s or jump starting the rented car
  • Causing damage to the roof and/or the underbody of the car
  • Driving the car under the influence of alcohol/drugs/illegal substances, or refusing to submit a test when required
  • Using the car for any activities frowned upon by the law or carrying anything illegal and/or dangerous
  • Picking up hitch-hikers
  • Breaking traffic regulations or driving the car recklessly/dangerously
  • Leaving/fleeing the accident scene

Users covered under policy

Any verified Drive mate users, including the guest or any other user, are covered. Guest will not be charged to share the driving with another verified Drive mate user. However, guest can be charged the entire cost of the damage or loss to the vehicle if you allow someone other than a verified Drive mate user to drive the car.

Policy coverage duration

From the time guest picks up the car to the time end their trip, they're fully covered under Drive mate’s damage and/or loss protection policy and also roadside assistance.

Note - Any loss or damage to the car occurred during this period will be entirely guest's responsibility. (even if it’s not guest's fault)

To stay covered beyond booking time, guest needs to ensure to extend the trip. In case of a delay of more than 2 hours when returning the car, guest may be liable for the full cost of any loss or damage. 

Guest's liability for loss or damage

Guest will be liable to bear the entire cost of loss/damage if there’s -

  • Vehicle Damage that requires repair or replacement (apart from normal wear and tear)
  • Towing, storage and recovery charges during the booking period
  • Fees and charges deduced from the assessment of the loss or damage to the vehicle
  • Loss due to theft of the vehicle or fire damage during the booking period
  • Any third party losses incurred
  • A ‘loss of use’ payment to the host for each day their car is unavailable

Guest will be liable for the full cost of repairs or replacement and any other applicable fees in case any of the exclusions to cover apply.

In a third-party accident, we’ll ensure a refund of any costs we recover from the at-fault party, if it is proven that guest was not at fault in a third-party accident. It is essential for guest to get the contact details of any other driver involved in the said accident.

Protecting yourself from liabilities

We understand that accidents can happen. Guests can ensure their protection by uploading clear photos of the entire car, from all angles, before and after your trip. In case of an unfortunate damage case, these photos will be guest's saviour.

But guest will be held liable if their photos cannot prove the said damage occurred before or after your trip. Guests need to ensure that they cover all parts of the car in the photos and the photos are taken in well-lit areas.