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How should the pictures be taken at pick up and drop off?

Guest is responsible for taking the photos at pick up and drop off.

  • For Guests – at time of pick up and at time of drop off

  • Optional for Hosts – max 24 hrs before the pick up, max 24 hrs after the drop off

Interior photos:

  • The car’s dashboard showing the fuel and mileage level

  • The area of the front and back seats showing the cleanliness and/or any issues with the inside of the car (stains, markings etc.)

Exterior photos:

  • Wide-shot photos of the car to document cleanliness and condition (front, rear, sides)

  • Close-up photos of any physical issues with the car (scratches, dents, etc)

  • Close-up photos of the tires and bumpers

  • Clear, well-lit photos of any part of the vehicle that may have a pre-existing issue

All photos to be taken via the phone so that we have a clear timestamp on it.