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How much will the repair cost and how do you ensure that it is fair?

During a Drive mate trip, you are always protected through Drive mate Protection. This protection is valid when you are in compliance with our Terms & conditions. If you are not in breach of the terms, then the most you will pay for any damage is your excess. 

For repairs, we get quotes from our preferred workshops to ensure that we get the best repairs done at the lowest prices. 

If the damage is above excess, then you need to pay the excess and the rest is taken care of by the insurance company.

If the damage is below the excess, then we will still get three quotes. In case you are not in agreement with the quote, we can get it independently assessed for a fee of $100 to the customer at fault. 

There may be occasions when we are not able to utilise our preferred workshop network. In these cases, an assessing fee may be applicable.

What if the repairs cost more or less than the estimate?

If the repairs cost less than the estimate, we will refund the difference

If the repairs cost more than the estimate (which it can in some cases depending upon the damage), the balance is charged to you.

I can organise the repairs myself for less than the estimate

If you'd like to organise the repairs yourself, you'll need to negotiate this with the host directly and organise the repairs outside Drive mate process. However, this is possible only if the repair cost is being paid by you fully and not when the repair is being paid by you partially.