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How does the included mileage work?

On Drive mate, hosts set a daily price assuming a 100 km mileage limit. If it exceeds the mileage limit, then the host is compensated for the same as below.


1. Hosts set a daily price assuming wear and tear included for 100 km daily mileage.

2. For hourly trips, the pricing is auto calculated by the system basis host's daily price. 

Up to 4 hrs, 40 kms mileage shall apply. 

after 4 hrs, mileage limit of 60 kms shall apply. 

after 6 hrs, mileage limit of 80 kms shall apply. 

After 8 hrs, daily mileage limit of 100 kms shall apply. 

Any distance travelled over and above the mileage limit shall classify as excess distance and the cost will be borne by the guest as follows.


We charge guests for each additional kilometre they’ve driven over the mileage limit for their trip. The funds collected are added to the host’s account to compensate them for the added wear and tear to their vehicle. The charges per additional kilometre to the guest are $0.35/ km.

The host share of the additional charge is 80%. Please note that these charges cover only wear and tear. Fuel is treated separately.


For cars with keyless access:

No reporting required from hosts. Drive mate system auto calculates the excess mileage and charges the guest. Host is compensated automatically.  Drive mate has two options (depending upon the vehicle) to assess excess distance:

1. From the Drive mate Go system - cars with OBD 2 port help us extract data from the odometer

2. From the GPS device/ pics of the odometer

For cars with physical key handover:

Host will need to submit documentation - the pictures of the car’s odometer at pick up and drop off or basis the car’s GPS system (if available). Hosts can submit the documentation via the online help desk (web/ app) within 24 hrs of the trip getting completed.