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How do I pay for tolls?

For Vehicles with Toll Tags

We receive tolls incurred either within 48 hrs or at end of the month. As soon as we receive the toll details, we will charge you for tolls incurred during your trip plus an additional $1 service fee per toll. This means you may be charged for tolls in the month following your trip.

Key Points to Note

  • We manage all toll charges. You don't have to do anything.

  • You do not need to call the toll company to pay for tolls - everything is through Drive mate

  • You should not buy a toll pass for your trip 

For Vehicles without Toll Tags 

If you hire a vehicle without a toll tag, we would strongly encourage you to purchase a toll pass for the trip. This is to help minimise the toll admin charges that are applied by the relevant authorities upon toll nomination. Failure to purchase a toll pass may lead to higher than expected toll charges and dealt with directly by the relevant authority. The vehicle user bears all responsibility for tolls incurred while in his/her use.