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How do I get paid for loss of use if my car is damaged?

The hosts are entitled for a compensation of $25 for every day their car is unavailable due to damage caused by a guest. This is up to a maximum of 28 days. 

This payment is charged to the responsible guest, to help you find alternative ways to get around while your car is out of action.  

Note that you're only eligible for this payment if your car was damaged while on a Drive mate trip, and only for the days when the car was unavailable to you (for example, while it is at the repairers, or if the damage renders it un driveable). This is only valid for the duration when the car is being repaired at one of our authorised workshops. Note that mechanical and tyre issues do not fall under this category of repairs to qualify for loss of use.

In case you choose to go with the option of taking cash instead of getting it repaired via one of our workshops, then you will get compensated for the repair duration as recommended by our authorised workshop. 

The compensation doesn't include any delays caused by you and is not applicable for vehicles which are declared as a total loss.

This payment is not a compensation for lost income while your car is unavailable for bookings. You will continue to be charged for your subscription fees as applicable.