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How are toll payments managed for my car?

When you list your car on Drive mate, there are a few options for managing your tolls.

1. Using your own Linkt tag. - you will need to send us your monthly Linkt statement so that we can charge the guests for the tolls incurred during Drive mate trips and pay you back accordingly. 

2. Get a Linkt tag from Drive mate - If you don't already have a toll tag, you may request a free Linkt tag from our customer team via online chat or email us at At the end of the month, we will charge you for personal trips done outside Drive mate. 

3. If you do not currently have any tag in the car and receive a late toll notice in the mail, please share this with our team who will then provide you the details of the driver for nomination. If toll nominations become increasingly frequent, we would strongly encourage the use of a toll tag to help reduce the costs for your guests.