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Host & Guest Responsibilities

Host Responsibilities 

1) Maintain their vehicle as per vehicle maintenance policy 

2) Report any event to Drive mate as per defined timelines. 

For physical key handover: within 24 hrs

For keyless access - up to 30 days

3) Additional responsibilities in case of physical key handover: 

a. Perform the relevant driver checks – driver license and ID when handing over the car to the guest during key handover. 

b. Follow the pick up and drop off process in physical key handover. 

In case of keyless access, point (3) is not applicable.

Guest Responsibilities 

1) Carry their driving license & ID 

2) Follow the pick up and drop off process

3) Report any issue truthfully to the Host & Drive mate at the time of the incident 

4) Take pics before and after the trip (Mandatory)