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Fleet cover policy

Policy number: FLE030780

Hosts can choose to put their vehicles on the Best mates Plus plan - which includes the "Fleet cover" policy. 

Vehicles on plans other than Best mates Plus (such as Best mates, Good mates or Just mates) would have Drive mate Protect insurance only during Drive mate trips.

Under this policy, host's vehicle is covered on full time basis, regardless of whether the vehicle is booked on a Drive mate trip.

Comprehensive insurance throughout Australia

  • Covers vehicle damage due to accident, fire or storm, or malicious damage
  • Covers theft of vehicle
  • $40 million cover for 3rd party damage
  • Maximum damage liability of $3000 excl. GST (additional $500 for drivers < 24 years old). 
  • Coverage of trips on Drive mate and personal trips of the host.
  • Roadside assistance for all trips including personal & Drive mate trips.

Details of the comprehensive cover can be found in the attached product disclosure statement.

Preconditions of this fleet cover:

1) the car is available for at least 25 days every calendar month for sharing on Drive mate 

2) Car is used only for sharing on Drive mate and/or for host's personal use. If the car is shared or rented out on any other platform, the fleet cover will not be applicable. 

3) Cover is excluded to under 21 year old and over 75 year old drivers.

4) You can nominate up to 2 additional drivers for personal use (non commercial) at the start of the policy.

Age excess 21-24 of $500 

Additional excess applies of $500 excl. GST for drivers who are aged 21 years old up to 24 years old.