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Cancellation Policy - Hosts

We do understand that hosts & guests can have a change in plans due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we want to be fair to all parties involved. There are specific rules for cancellation depending upon the type of booking it is (regular or instant) and the time of cancellation (vs scheduled trip time). Please note that for all cancellations, the processing fees are not refundable. 

When hosts rent out their car through Drive mate and have a confirmed booking (either via instant booking or manually accepting a booking), it is assumed to be available for the guest. For this system to work, guests need to have confidence that their booking is firm and that they will not be left without transport if the host suddenly change their plans. 

If hosts cancel a booking, then: 

  • the guest will be annoyed and unlikely to book your car again 
  • we may charge the host in order to help compensate the guest for the inconvenience and for finding alternative transport

The following fees apply to bookings cancelled by hosts. This includes the case of physical handover where the host fails to make their car or key available for a booking. 80% of this fees is passed on to the guest to make up for the inconvenience. 


  • If a booking is cancelled more than 72 hrs before the trip starts, then a charge of $20 is levied
  • If a booking is cancelled within 72 hrs before the trip starts, then a charge of $40 is levied.
  • If the booking is more than 7 days away, then no charge is levied if it is cancelled within 12 hrs of the booking confirmation. However, beyond 12 hrs, then a cancellation fee of $20 will apply.
  • In case a trip is more than 30 days away from the date of cancellation, the host will not be penalised for the same.
  • In case of physical handover and a no show by the host, a penalty of $100 will apply. No show is determined if host is not contactable either by the guest or customer service less than 1 hour before trip start time.  
  • 80% of the penalty will be given to the guest via credits



In some cases, Drive mate may need to cancel a trip after booking to protect our users against fraud or for trust and safety considerations. Drive mate will notify both hosts and guests in the event Drive mate must cancel a trip. Where Drive mate must cancel a trip, guests will receive a full refund and hosts are generally not eligible for earnings. 

Please note that for exceptional circumstances, Drive mate reserves the right to allow certain cancellations without any penalty to the guest or host. These circumstances are purely at the discretion of Drive mate and are meant to protect interests of guests & hosts.