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Roadside assistance policy

Drive mate will help source roadside assistance for all vehicles listed on our platform whilst rented out. We engage with 3rd party contractors to provide the most common and essential roadside services including but not limited to:

o   Fuel

o   Jumpstarting/Batteries

o   Flat Tyres

o   Locked keys inside car

o   Towing

The services on offer may vary depending on location and availability of roadside assistance personnel.


- It is the responsibility of the driver (renter) to ensure that the correct fuel type is always used. In cases of incorrect refueling, the driver (renter) will bear costs of the callout and the associated damage and repair costs.

- In cases where the car has run out of fuel during a trip, the driver (renter) will bear costs of call-out. Note that roadside assistance will only supply enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol station.


- A roadside assistance callout can assist with jumpstarting a vehicle if required. However, if a battery cannot be jumpstarted; we will arrange for a battery replacement to get you on the road again.

Flat Tyre

- In the event of a flat tyre, roadside assistance may help exchange the damaged tyre with the spare tyre in the car or provide a temporary patch repair of the damaged tyre.

- If the vehicle does not have a spare tyre and the damaged tyre cannot be patched on the spot, we may also offer towing to the nearest workshop.

Locked Keys

- Roadside assistance callouts may also assist with retrieving keys that are locked inside the car. 


- Towing limits across Metropolitan and Regional areas may vary. Please consult Drive mate help centre to discuss your specific requirements should you require a tow.

- Note that towing limits vary depending on assigned available contractor. 

Our Commitment to You

- Our roadside assistance providers aim to arrive within 60mins of a callout request, however this may vary depending on availability and service area. We will always try our best to assign the nearest provider to your desired location to minimise disruption and to help you get back on the road.


- If the driver (renter) of the vehicle is deemed to be at fault for initialising the roadside assistance callout, he/she will bear 100% costs associated with the callout.

- For instances where vehicle has broken down and is not caused by negligent driving/care, the callout fee will be covered by vehicle owner. For costs of replacement parts and/or additional services carried out during the call (ie. Replacement batteries), we will pass on the costs to the owner (host) of the vehicle.

-       For instances where vehicle has broken down due to poor maintenance or known ongoing mechanical issues (ie. Worn clutch), the owner of the vehicle (host) will bear 100% costs of the callout.

-       For locked key call outs, the driver (renter) of the vehicle will bear 100% of costs.