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Late Return Policy

Hosts are counting on guests to return the car at the originally scheduled time. If guests don't, it can put significant inconvenience and stress on the host and possibly future guests. 

For the guests, we want to ensure that there is sufficient flexibility when it comes to dropping off as there are practical issues sometimes (traffic, getting stuck due to unavoidable reasons). For this, Drive mate provides a grace period of 15 mins to all guests depending upon the duration of the rental. It is always recommenced to opt for trip extension if the guest feels that they are likely to get delayed (trip extensions are subject to approval by the host).

Charges to guests

If the guest is delayed beyond the grace period, then a late return charge + inconvenience fee will apply. 

  1. Late return charge is the trip price for the duration for which is return is delayed. For e.g. if the car is delayed by 5 hrs, then the late return charge would be equivalent = (trip cost for 5 hrs as per car's listed price)+ (drive mate fees + processing fees).
  2. The inconvenience fee is $30 (if no booking is impacted) and $75 (if next booking is impacted).
Payouts to hosts

The host will be paid their share of the late return charge + inconvenience fee 

  1. Host's share of the late return charge will be calculated basis their car's listed price and the duration for which the car is late. So if the car is delayed by 5 hrs, then their share would be equivalent to their listed price for 5 hrs. 
  2. Inconvenience fee of $20 (if no booking is impacted) and $50 (if next booking is impacted).

In the event of very substantial lateness, additional fines may be assessed at sole discretion of Drive mate. In case it is unclear when the guest will return the car, Drive mate could decide to pick up the car and return the car to the host and charge repossession fees.

Drive mate reserves the authority to charge the estimated late return charge to the guest's payment method on file.