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How can I redeem Drive mate credits?

There are a variety of ways users receive credits on Drive mate. You can always check your credit balance here 

These credits can be redeemed as:

a) Cash payouts when you rent out your car. Hosts will get the entire travel credits added to their monthly payout if they have hosted a successful trip. For e.g if you have $100 credits, as soon as you host a successful trip this entire $100 amount is automatically added to your earnings.

b) Take a discount on renting a car on Drive mate. Per trip $20 can be redeemed as a discount. For e,g, if you have $60 credits, you can redeem $20 in a single trip and hence can split your entire balance over 3 trips.

Hosts & Guests on Drive mate can both benefit from the travel credits they receive. The travel credits can be redeemed on any Drive mate trip by hosts & guests. 

Credits do not expire. Do get back to us in case of any clarifications.