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As a host, how is the safety of my car ensured?

We carry stringent checks on guests who rent on Drive mate through their IDs, driving licenses, past driving record and credit history. Though highly unlikely, in the event of any unfortunate incident, your car is comprehensively insured through Drive mate Protection.

Under Drive mate Protection, hosts are always guaranteed of repair or replacement of their car if a guest is responsible for it being damaged or lost. This is valid also when in exceptional circumstances that the guest don’t pay what they owe to the host. 

This Protection is also valid when the guest is declined cover by our insurance partner. If they don’t pay their excess, they the host won’t be out of pocket. You can share your car with full peace of mind/ 

What’s protected:

  • Damage to your car 
  • Theft or loss of your car
  • Towing, storage and recovery charges
  • Damage assessment fees 

What’s not protected:

  • Wear and tear (as defined in the Wear and Tear Policy)
  • Loss or damage to non-standard modifications or accessories
  • Damage that can’t be attributed to a guest